The Rock Metropolitan Community Church 
(The Rock MCC)

May You Have a Blessed Easter this Sunday!
The Ressurection of Jesus Christ Proved that His Sacrifice on the Cross for Our Sins was Real!
Truly Walk in the Way of the Cross. Truly Accept the Full Benefits of the Cross.
Forgiveness of sins, Victory in daily living, Holy Spirit always with us, all Blessings from God!
Jesus Christ is truly the Savior of the Whole World! Hallelujah! Glory Be to God! Our God IS Alive!

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Transfer of Domain Name from Bernard Wotton to "The Rock MCC" church board is finished!
Bernard is stepping down from being the sole editor of this website.
It has been a pleasure to serve "The Rock MCC" church for these past 9 years!

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        The Rock Metropolitan Community Church logo image Sunday:  April 20
Worship:  11am

Preacher:  Ken Carroll

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"on this rock I [Jesus] will build my church(Matthew 16:18)         
The Rock MCC:  serving the local area  over 25 years  (09-1988)      
                                          MCC:  serving the world  over 45  years  (10-1968)
               UFMCC  PO Box 50488 Sarasota FL 34232 USA  Phone: 1-310-360-8640

 Welcome Home  to   The Rock MCC   church!  
All About God's Realm –God's work on earth through us;  we are part of God's church in this world.

The Rock MCC is a church that is committed to the radically inclusive love of Jesus Christ. .
This church is an All Welcoming, Open, Loving, Joyful, Christ-like, and All Affirming local MCC Congregation.

The Rock MCC is made up of  Straight and Gay Christians, serving:
  the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersexual   (GLBTQQI),
and  the Gay-friendly, Allied, and Straight  communities
of greater metro Chattanooga TN USA area since  9.11.1988. c
You are welcome at this local MCC church: join us this Sunday at 11am.

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Just Hope In God.   Trust Jesus.    Hang In There.    Jesus Always Loves You!    It Does Gets Better
Never Give Up On Yourself;   God will never forsake you.
Jesus is the Joy of Your Life!   Live in the Peace of God.