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General Information

Church USA Postal Address:

        The Rock MCC
        1601 Foust Street
        Chattanooga  TN  37404  USA      (Directions Map)

Church Telephone:


Church Electronic E-mail:

        General Information:
                       (Note chance of email address. It was:

 Webmaster  (website manager, Bernard Wotton) 

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Emergency Contact

Our Telephone Ministry.  In case of an emergency,  such as a hospitalization, or if news is to be communicated immediately, please contact the person listed below as soon as possible.  He will be responsible for contacting others by phone that are in our church directory, or on our church e-mail list.





Bob Angle e-mail

Our E-mail Ministry.  In an extreme emergency call  Tracy Brown  at 423-580-7336  and leave a message. He will send out e-mail  only to those on our church e-mail list. For non-emergency items such as Prayer/Praise  use e-mail  only. He also sends out special announcements as needed. He also sends out our e-NewsLetter  by e-mail; they are also all listed on the e-NewsLetters page.

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Local Area Resource Listing for Tennessee and Georiga

Resource List















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