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Introduction to this page:  Links in 'More Info'

Welcome back to some of the former pages that has not been available for the past few months... [Many of them now need to be updated also: many of their links don't now work.]

   [NOTICE:    ***    (see note at bottom of page)]  

(If you are a new, or recent visitor, this is all new to you!)  Some say it is way too much information, or not the way we now should be going; others say it is OK. So here goes...  A lot of it was, is notes to myself  in how to do the editing, adding of pages, links, images, etc. And was info that I wanted to keep and save for future reference. And it might be of help to others. It might be of interest to you. But if it is too much, just ignore it and leave this page or any other of the other pages, or the pages linked to from this one,  if you want to. Thanks.

Some of it is vital  –I believe, such as the "Gay Community Links"; it is general and specific info of interest to many kinds of people.  It is difficult to keep up to-date, and website addresses change a lot, or are no longer 'online'. If there are any major problems, let me, Bernard, know, such as a link going to a wrong website; one time a local church changed its web address to a new one, and a pornographic website took over that old web address, so I had to delete that incorrect address and find the corrected new web address... –I didn't know about it for quite some time. We want all of our links to other sites to be 100% 'family safe' for all ages. And 'adult content', dating/sex, or related sites links are NOT allowed on this website. Of course, since this is by its very nature a website dealing with 'gay', 'GLBT' subjects such as churches, organizations, this site may be banned by some 'Christian-right groups', etc. But that is their problem, not ours. We are here to tell of the love of Jesus to everyone; that is paramount. We have a special mission to reach out to the lost, marginalized, outcasts, unwanted, rejected people of our area, which includes 'gays', and all 'GLBT' folks, teens as well as the elderly, who happen to identify with us. We are here for all people.

This is a main Link page to other places in this website...

Gay Community Links     (This page is a very long one; I intend to break it up into smaller pages soon.. Also, it was part of the older website, so this page website 'links' may not always take you to what is on the 'newer' website... Things need to re-worked a lot; it is given "asis" for now... Some links also no longer work.)

Bible Study & Prayer     [NOTE:  If YOU do not like this, if any of it offends you, please just ignore it;  some folks DO like this, and want it for reference.]   

Our History

TOC  [Table of Contents to what was in the older, original church website at time of making that page... Look here for pages that you can not find; most are listed here, some have been deleded. Hopefully, all pages have been saved somewhere on my computer system for reference purposes. As of this writing, I can not find copies of the deleted pages, for I have not saved a reference link or place where they are located; but I will find them someday. One that comes to mind is the 'Youth Team Ministry' page. We had 11 or 12 team ministries at one time. Today we have 5 church team ministries; some of the older ones have been combined, some no longer presently needed.

Past "e-NewsLetters" that I, Bernard Wotton, made at one time for about 6 months, are located on what was the church "wiki" site. I just have to find the link to them. Also, many of the photos that are, or were, on the church website, are still located at that former church wiki site. Since the wiki site at time of use only had one folder, everything is in that folder, so it is hard to find specific files. (The wiki site does not have a table of contents. All links were made by hand.)]


Misc Website Editing Info  [for editor use only]

Editing Text input Dialog Window Boxes:
First, Write your info into a text spelling window to correct word spelling mistakes; then copy & paste the info back into a text input dialog box you are working on. Spell Checking does NOT work in Dialog Windows input boxes. (Turn Spell Checking ON for website editing of pages...) For example, the Hyperlink Properties 'ScreenTip' input text box...


(The following website was up-to-date when Dawn first made that site, but it is not current anymore; it is not being maintained anymore; it is NOT online anymore... it's here just for reference.)   http://www.wix.com/dawnrene/therockmcc_chattanooga#  [That site is no longer online; it's been taken down.]
(I want to thank Dawn Hendrix for putting her efforts into making that website for us to see how the former church website could look like; some I guess, mistakenly thought it was going to be our 'new website'. To me, making and maintaining our church website for the past 8 years, her site was interesting and gave me new ideas as to how some people wanted our site to look like. I thank her for the inspiration she provided, but it was only after the fact. I used her site as a kind of template on which I redid some our present website a little.

Joomla! Some Info, & Joomla!-Built Websites Links

Joomla! is NO longer on our church website: it is too complicated for my to try to use, I just don't have the time, nor knowlege about it.

Some "Joomla!" stuff, a CMS –Content Management System, that I'm learning, in order to re-do the church website in that system; I want to use both Joomla! & regular HTML5 and CSS3 to finally make this site into something much more useful for you all to use.

Now, with learning Joomla! and all, I want to kind of combine what was in the old with the new so as to be a more complete site, with new added things soon to be available also. These last few months has seen a very lean site with much of the former info not showing for visitors to our site. That is gradually going to change as I get time & more know-how.)

Also, the main reason for learning and using Joomla! is for other visitors to the church website to be able to edit parts of the website; this will help me a great deal, and provide new content to the site. Certain trusted people will be granted special permissions to write, edit and publish articles that they feel need to be seen by visitors to our church website. And to certain others for helping in maintaining current correct information. As the site progresses, I will put in links to how it looks at that present moment in time. So stay tuned for a finer website. Bernard Wotton.

(Figure out a way to easily copy items from the Mac to the PC laptops, that is, text only, formatted or not... Copy/paste from Mac side to Windows7 boot camp; then copy to a Flash stick drive in Mac USB port. Then put that Flash drive into my old PC laptop to copy to its hard drive... File format on the Mac will be... which Windows can also read... The reason why I'm still using the old PC laptop is because that is the only computer that I'm able to really update our church website with so far... Microsoft Expression Web 4 FTP/copies files to the website, and can copy from the website to my hard drive. My Mac Book Pro 17 and Windows7 Boot Camp on it does NOT yet have a program that can do both at the same time in one program. I have Joomla! installed OK on the Mac laptop, but have not yet learned how to use it to edit the full website yet... Which is why I still use my old slow PC laptop to update our church website the old way of using Expression Web.., Hopefully that will change in the near future!)

Now, with my Mac Book Pro 17 updated, I have "Parallels" installed with Windows 8.1 installed inside of it, so I can have Windows windows and Mac windows open side by side on the same computer screen. And now can see in real time how the church website looks like in Internet Explorer 11. Therefore, I now have everything on my laptop internal hard drive, and use a monthly subscription to Adobe Dreamweaver for Mac to update the church website. So my old PC is no longer being used, since it is Windows Vista with 2 Meg memory, which is basically too small for anything newer, besides all PC programs I did have/use are no longer any good, and I cannot find them anyway, so I use my Mac only now.

(Links to Joomla! websites & help sites...)

Older MCC mail address:  UFMCC  PO Box 1374 Abilene TX 79604  Phone: 310-360-8640. Before this one, it was in LA CA.

Older Pages & their links here for reference, and for my use so as to be able to access them for reference...
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***      [NOTICE:  If  YOU do not like this, if  ANYTHING on this page, or ANYTHING to any pages linked therein, if any of it offends you, please just ignore it;  some folks DO like this, and want it for reference,  –for their own use. If  ANYTHING makes you ill, mad, angry, please just ignore it; you may not want it, but others do want it. Please do not put us off, please do not disregard this whole site, just because you do not like some small portion of it.  Thanks.]